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Testimonials / Feedback

Testimonials / Feedback
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I asked Kevin, who I know as the Sports Chaplain at NAFC and who looks after the Welfare of players, to help me with my Year 12 project about Drugs in youth, in presenting to my fellow year 12’s, 11’s, and 10’s at Riverton High school.
Kevin facilitated a session including four types of drugs, giving us a insight into what the drugs were, detailing the effects, and the community organisations where anyone can get help for themselves or others, to get more information and help if we are ever in need of it.

Kevin's session was very interactive allowing the students time to share their knowledge before reinforcing the information in regards to the drugs.

Katelyn Rosenzweig - Year 12 Student - Riverton High school.

Testimonials / Feedback

Kevin Bateman is a shining light around the North Adelaide Football Club with both the men's and women's teams. Kevin has been involved in the teams since 2013 and coming onboard as part of the Support Staff with great enthusiasm to the women's team in its inaugural year in 2017. 

He's always there to help out as a Sports Trainer and as Chaplain -

He someone to have a chat to. He understands everyone's differences and creates a safe and comfortable environment to have a chat whether you need a response or just someone to hear you out and be listened to.

His passion for helping people with mental health and removing the stigma around it is just the start.

Leah Tynan - NAFC Womens Team - Co-Captain - CC & PW Ambassador

Testimonials / Feedback
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C C & P W Logo-2.jpg

The North Adelaide Football Club is very fortunate to have the services of Kevin Bateman as our Club Chaplain. Kevin is a passionate servant of our football club who has built strong relationships with players, coaches, support staff and administration over the 6 years he has assisted in this vital role.


Kevin forms an important part of our player welfare structure which provides assistance to all of our players and staff. Kevin has assisted in debriefing players from our men’s and women’s programs following tragic deaths in the last two years.

Kevin provides one on one communication, not only at the club but also in his own time. Kevin has assisted a number of our players through some tough times and also visits players and staff when sick, in hospital for surgery or those that are just after some guidance and care.


Kevin has also educated himself over this time through his accreditation as a medical trainer which gives him the opportunity to provide support and be a part of the team on game day. Kevin has assisted with the senior men, women and our junior development programs.


Kevin goes above and beyond in his commitment to the people involved within our football family and the North Adelaide Football Club gives the highest of recommendations to the service that he provides.

Darryl Wintle - Football Services Manager - North Adelaide Football Club

Testimonials / Feedback

It’s been great to have Kev at the North Adelaide Football Club, since he started at the beginning of the 2013 Season. He is always happy to help and build good relationships with every day duties at the club.

Looking after things like water and ice bags or helping with little bits of personal preparation with special drinks and as a Sports Trainer applying his perfect strapping techniques, He has built relationships with players, Coaches and support staff.

Kevin is a valued member of our support staff, Having Kev with the Club has given us someone to help through the everyday stresses of life.

A sounding board when needed, helping celebrate personal achievements and helping in tough times as well.

Personally, when needed I know Kev is always available for a chat either by phone or in person and that’s something I feel lucky to have.

I know Kev is someone who genuinely cares for each individual regardless of their personal views, beliefs or issues they’re facing.

James Craig, North Adelaide Football Club – League Player – CC & PW Ambassador.

Testimonials / Feedback
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I found the program informative and that Kevin was very knowledgeable, and really cared and wanted to help.

Sharing his own previous / ongoing circumstances showed he wanted to genuinely help.

Massive congratulation to Kevin for speaking publicly. Him doing that made me feel comfortable to publicly share my issues for the first time, So thanks Kevin.

Kevin spoke & worked really well with everyone!

He carries out his job in a great manner.

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